Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL), a youth-led organization that connects and supports Cypriot entrepreneurial talent, and CyprusInno, the first and largest bi-zonal/inter-communal digital platform connecting Cypriot entrepreneurs, have announced the establishment of the promising LEAD Cyprus joint initiative. The initiative aims to reach island-wide reconciliation through economic dialogue and cooperation and enjoys the support of the British High Commission.

Unlike other initiatives, LEAD Cyprus aims to connect and engage the ecosystem of professionals and innovators in Cyprus to promote business dialogue and democracy by providing an inclusive space in which Cypriots and stakeholders can work together to solve common economic and social challenges. The joint initiative will leverage CEL and CyprusInno’s vast entrepreneurial networks both in Cyprus and abroad to encourage and support island-wide reconciliation through economic dialogue and cooperation.

In line with the British High Commission’s agenda to facilitate cooperation between the two communities, British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie said:

“It’s encouraging to see Cypriot youths overcoming barriers and paving the way for a common future on the island. With our support to LEAD Cyprus, we hope to enable youth from both sides to use their business and entrepreneurial skills to jointly find concrete solutions for problems in their field of work”.

One of the instigators of the initiative, and co-founder of CEL, Andrea Solomonides added:

“Even though I am inclined to believe in the strengths of a good politician, I trust and rely on young people giving solutions to problems that politicians have failed to provide thus far. It has been proven multiple times that good business ideas, start-ups and entrepreneurship bring people together and usually good things come out of such partnerships and push things to the right direction. We are young and we are capable to find our own solutions. It is not a rebellious point of view. It is a fact.”

LEAD Cyprus’s main event (Summer Camp) will take place in summer 2019 over 10 days in every city in Cyprus, and will include entrepreneurial, technical, and cultural actions, as well as require collaboration between participants with the sole purpose of leading the way and demonstrating that entrepreneurship can be at the forefront of peacekeeping and peacebuilding. Participants will be able to take part in hackathons, interactive workshops, cultural events, co-creation events, and much more.

LEAD Cyprus is now actively calling for partners and volunteers to participate in the planning and execution of the main summer 2019 event. Learn more and apply to volunteer today:

About Cypriot Enterprise Link

The Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL) is a youth-led organization aimed to connect and support the Cypriot entrepreneurial talent in order to form a local and a global entrepreneurial network, supported by events, meetups, workshops, and projects.

About CyprusInno

CyprusInno is a non-profit organization led by an inter-communal team focusing on creating, developing, and sustaining the bi-zonal, inter-communal startup ecosystem in Cyprus, using entrepreneurship as a peace-building mechanism.


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