Well, when we are discussing proposal submission, we literally mean submitting a proposal whereby you follow the link, you answer (truthfully) the (not that many) questions, and you hit the submit button.

But what makes the Lead Cyprus proposal submission different than what you may have seen before? Lead Cyprus is happening in 6 different cities at the same time - so your proposal may fit or be needed in multiple locations!

Before you go to submit, let’s back up a bit:

Shaping the agenda of the Summer Camp is a gigantic task, and it’s upon our lovely team to find, pick, and inspire the most amazing proposals out there. So, what you need to have in mind when submitting are the following:

  1. Who am I trying to help out?
  2. Am I transferring skills or just sharing opinions?
  3. Can it be done in a meaningful way within an hour or do I need more time?
  4. Is it entrepreneurial, problem solving, inspiring or peace-oriented?
  5. Would I rather place it under the Cultural events instead of the workshops/lectures/events?
  6. Can I do it in multiple cities or just mine?
  7. Would it actually be more helpful in another city, or is it irrelevant to another city?

Once you submit, you will be contacted by our team to let you know if you are successful or not. And afterward, the fun part begins! Our project managers will help you shape it, prepare it, fund it and deliver it in the Summer!

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