Obviously, we can start with the no brainer. A cold Peace beer in your hand or maybe an iced coffee beats sitting in a classroom style room and a powerpoint.

Lead Cyprus is not about a Powerpoint presentation (although of course we have several PowerPoints - we need to put info somewhere afterall!). But when we do casual drinks, we love the fact that people who know exactly what Lead is keep coming back, bringing new people with them or just joining for a beer. We loooooved that during the last casual drinks, people popped up out of sheer curiosity because, down the line, this is what Lead Cyprus is, a project that was sparked out of curiosity - out of the drive to fix things, out of the vision to solve issues, and out of grit.

CURIOSITY: We were curious about how people felt about it, so we asked. What scares you? What makes you angry regarding the situation on our island? What about the 45 years of the unresolved issue? We asked and people answered, “We want it fixed!”

DRIVE: Drive to fix things, because things are broken. We may try to piece them back together, but ultimately we will hit a roadblock. We are not whole, we are not one. We are multiple in a very small island with great potential but poor results so far.

VISION: The vision to solve things is all about finding those issues to solve. We know the issues are there, we know and feel some are big and some less big, but we also know that each and every city has a different priority on the issues at hand. So let’s figure out what there is to solve and start from the beginning.

GRIT: Single.Most.Important.Trait. We have grit, and we won’t stop until the goals and mission are achieved.

So, if you are up for joining this battle, join us! (join the team button on our website!)

We welcome all the inspiring individuals we have been meeting over the past few months!!!!

Next casual drinks will be announced via our Facebook page so follow us and tune in!!

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